We know that there are a lot of people that have a love hate relationship with money. They love it when they have lots of it and they love what they can buy with it but they hate having to rely on it and hate paying bills with it. Our aim is to change people’s attitudes and to show them how they can use money to their advantage. There are lots of different things that we can do which could help us with money. It is really important to know how to manage it so that we ensure we have enough to cover what we need and it can be great to have some left for some fun things as well. We hope that by using the methods and understanding the information that we have provided here, it will help people to get their money more organised. We realise that it is not easy but we hope that making a few changes will be enough to get people starting to improve their situation. Once things start heading in the right direction we hope that they feel the benefits and it gives them motivation to start to make further changes as well.